Balloon Bobber

Different Air Filled Balloons on a stick to choose from:    GOOD – BalloonBobber   I   BETTER – BobberMAXX   I   BEST – Duraballoon

Balloon Bobbers are air filled balloons on a stick and are reusable. These air filled balloons are used outside on a stick, does not need helium, is reusable and is long lasting? Often referred to as a “permanent balloon” or “helium-free” balloon, the 17″ Balloon Bobbers are reusable plastic balloons, are UV resistant and shaped (oval) like a real latex balloon. This plastic balloon maintains a shiny “like new” appearance for months outdoors! Inflate these balloons by mouth or by using an inflator/deflator that you can purchase here as well.

Duraballoon long pole kit Duraballoon long pole kit frontline Duraballoon cluster pole kit Duraballoon bracket kits Duraballoon 4 pack light pole kit


Make your selection below to see all the kits available in that bobber style.  Each type has benefits in various climate and conditions.

Air filled reusable balloons on a stick
GOOD…The original Balloon Bobbers is the most economical option of reusable air filled balloons. They work great in warmer climates. These are air filled and attach to a stick that keeps them suspended in the air giving the look and feel of helium filled balloons. Click to learn more and see all the kits and accessories available.
Bobber Maxx-air filled balloon on a stick
BETTER…The Balloon Bobber Maxx was created to withstand temperature fluctuations. These are lightweight and more elastic. The are made of an extreme temperature material that is UV resistant. Use these if you are in a bright, sunny climate.  Click to learn more and see all the kits and accessories available.
Duraballoon is an air filled balloon on a stick
BEST…The Duraballoon is the best quality Bobber available. This guy is tough and is internally seamless. The Duraballoon is built to better withstand EXREME cold and wind. The Duraballoon has a round shape. Click to learn more and see all the kits and accessories available













If you are not sure which Bobber type will work best, you can view all the kits at the same time.. VIEW ALL KITS.

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Balloon Bobbers can  be customized for an added fee. Call us for full details and to order custom bobbers. Imprinting is available on the Bobber Maxx. You must be ordering at least 50 pieces. The set up is $125.00 and the added cost is $ 4.50 for each bobber plus the kit cost. These require at least 3 weeks for production. You can order the custom Balloon Bobber by calling us or sending us an email.