Balloon Decorating

Balloon decorating is more than just filling balloons and putting some balloon bouquets on a table although that looks nice too. People create festive decorations with balloons using only their imagination as their guide. The creative possibilities are endless. Balloons drops adorn many New Years Eve events and other parties all year round because they are so festive and cheery and grand. Balloon columns make a bold statement and are actually quite easy to create.  Balloons arches are also a great DIY decoration as well, since we offer tools to make this job even easier.  Balloons releases, while controversial, are still found from time to time.

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To complete a balloon drop, fill a plastic bag or net with air inflated balloons.  Hang or suspend the net and then, when the time is right, pull the net cord and let the balloons float down to the floor below. The sight of balloons dropping from the ceiling is spectacular. Balloon drops are most often used at New Year’s Eve celebrations, at political rallies, at political conventions, at graduations and even weddings.


balloon decorating Latex Balloon releaseFor many years, celebrations have included balloon releases.  To complete a balloons release, fill balloons with helium and put them in a net or bag.  At the designated time, open the net and the helium balloons take flight and float away into the air. This practice has been discouraged by the balloon industry though.  Legislation in California, for instance,  requires all helium filled foils balloons to be tethered with a balloon weight to ensure that they don’t float away.  Many other states have banned balloon releases altogether.

What happens when a balloon is released?

A scientific survey in 1989 revealed that balloons that are released float up about 5 miles into the sky.  At this point they become brittle and shatter into tiny, miniscule pieces.  These pieces land back on earth at a rate of about one piece for every 5 miles.  That doesn’t sound too bad does it?  The problem comes when a balloons is not inflated to the proper size or is carrying too much weight(like a note)…for whatever reason, the balloons doesn’t reach the height that causes it to shatter. Therefore, the balloon comes down in larger pieces and causes a potential danger to wildlife and the environment.


Arches are very popular because the possibilities are endless for a creative individual.  Arches balloon decorating balloon archare beautiful and add to a festive atmosphere.  They also help the flow of traffic or highlight an event like the finish line in a race. HOW TO CREATE A BALLOON ARCH.

Balloon arches can be easily made using The Balloon Decorating Strip. This clear strip holds up to 12 balloons per foot and with it you can easily create tear drop arches, cluster arches or columns.  The options are endless and anyone can create a professional looking arch with ease. Learn more about this great product.   Click here to buy.

Balloon Decorating Strip






See how easy it is.


Balloon Decorating ColumnYou will find balloon columns in many balloons decorating creations because they are relatively easy to create and create a create entrance or focal point.  Balloons columns can be created with air filled balloons attached to a pole for a long lasting balloon decoration.  If you don’t want to use a pole, you also can air fill the balloons the small balloons and attached to balloon line, balloon strip or fishing line.  You will helium fill the large 36″ balloon on top and this will lift the column into position assuming you have the bottom of the column properly weighted down.  You will create the column in very much the same manner as the balloon arch.