Custom Imprinted Balloons



We have several types of balloons available for printing.  The most common of imprinted balloon is the custom latex balloon.  We also can print on foil balloons and big balloons too. Click the link for pricing and details on each style.  If you have questions, please call or email us.  We are happy to help you make sure you get the perfect balloons. Custom imprinted balloons are fast, easy & make a bold statement. Whether you need balloon imprinted with a company logo or imprinted for your next event, these custom imprinted balloons will make your message soar.

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custom-latex-balloons-150x150Custom Latex balloons are great for low cost advertising, promoting an event or decorating.  Kids love balloons too which is why they work so great as a giveaway.  Kids will walk around displaying your logo for hours!  Most of our custom latex balloon orders are printed on Tuf Tex latex balloons. You can’t beat this quality in balloons. You may find a cheaper custom balloon price, but the imprint method and balloon quality will be different.  High quality balloons look better, are a thicker and more durable material, blow up easier, last longer, won’t pop as easily…you WILL notice the difference in a low quality balloon. Don’t waste your money on low quality…you will spend more in helium to keep your message soaring! Pricing.

Custom Imprinted Foil Balloons

Custom foil balloons look great and stay inflated a long time which is why they work so great for advertising and marketing displays.  These balloons are self sealing and will float for weeks. Plus, once you notice the balloon becoming “soft”…just top of off with a tiny bit helium and your message is soaring again. Pricing.




Custom Punch Balloons give a unique opportunity to get your logo front and center while entertaining your audience.  These balloons are air filled so they last for weeks.  They come with the rubber band to turn these balloons into fun punch balloons!  These are a great party giveaway item. Pricing.



Custom-Jumbo-Latex-150x150Need something a little larger?  We can imprint on 24″ and 36″ latex.  Custom jumbo balloons need very few of them to make a bold statement.  Why blow up hundreds of small balloons when you can fill fewer of these and make an impact.  These can be printed on one color only with the same imprint on two sides. Pricing.




sphere kissStill need bigger balloons?  You can imprint your message on these large reusable spheres and blimps.  Your message is printed on two sides.  You can purchase blank or up to 4 ink colors.  These large reusable balloons come ready to go with all the lines needed to tie it down.  All you need is the helium that you have purchased locally.  They are available 5′ and larger with the 7′ being the smallest available for outdoor use. Pricing.