Foil Balloons

Foils Balloons

We carry many styles of foil balloons to choose from.  Make a selection to view all designs and get prices…

foil balloon happy birthday
Happy Birthday Foil Balloons
foil balloon get well
Get Well Foil Balloons
foil balloons special thoughts
Special Thoughts
foil balloons baby
Baby Foil Balloons
foil balloon i love you
I Love Foil Balloons
foil balloons solids
Solid Foil Balloons
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Sport and Team Foil Balloons
Happy Mother's Day foil balloon
Seasonal Foil Balloons







Why Use Foil Balloons

Foil balloons are a great way to tell that special someone what you are thinking due to the bright and cheery messages they send.  With various styles and themes, these foil balloons make the perfect balloon bouquet even more perfect. Foil balloons, which are often referred to as mylar balloons, are long lasting balloons and always look great.

More about Foil Balloons

Foil balloons are self sealing which means they have a self sealing valve so inflating them is a breeze. When filled properly, the valve will close automatically and even allow the foil balloon to be reinflated or “topped off” if it is in a display and gets “soft”.  Foil balloons are always shipped uninflated so all you need is to add helium to get their message soaring.  We carry mostly 17″ foil balloons which allow for a long float time, time but also saves you money in helium cost at the same time!

Foil balloons are the perfect addition to any balloon bouquet because they always put a smile on the recipients face. Most of our balloons are manufactured in the US by CTI Industries.  CTI is a superior balloon manufacturer because they make a great quality foil balloon.  These balloons even come with a guarantee.  Any defective balloon will be replaced as long as the defect is not caused due to improper inflation method or not using a foil tip inflator.

Foil Balloon Styles

Many styles to choose from.  Select the category to view all styles, get pricing and place your order if you choose.

  • Happy Birthday balloons include feminine and masculine designs as well as balloons perfect for your youngin’s
  • Get Well foil balloons are the perfect way to brighten the day of someone under the weather.  We have many cheery designs sure to make someone feel a little better.
  • Need something special?  Special Thoughts balloons include those nice message like thinking of you, you’re special and congratulations
  • Baby Foil balloons will include balloons specially made for those little babies.  We have it’s a boy balloons and it’s a girl balloons to decorate for your shower or to surprise the new parents.
  • I Love You foil balloons include I love you and Valentine’s messages and are sure to spread the love!
  • Solid foil balloons include rounds, stars and hearts.  These shapes are great for balloon decorating or to add to your balloon bouquet.
  • Sports themed balloons include sports balloons like footballs and baseballs and even NFL teams and more.