Why don’t my helium balloons stay inflated long?


Latex balloons are made using natural latex from a rubber tree.  Balloons can be filled with air, helium, nitrogen or water. The volume adjusts in the balloons because the rubber has elasticity. Balloons come in a variety of colors and sizes and are used for parties, events, parades, customer appreciation, birthdays, advertising and so much more.

You can fill a balloon by mouth, a manual or electric inflator or compressed gas (helium if they need to float or nitrogen if they don’t).

Why doesn’t helium stay in latex balloons as long as in foil balloons?

Hi Float Balloon TreatmentLatex balloons float when you fill them with helium, but they don’t last as long as air filled balloons.  Latex balloons are porous and the helium atom is smaller that air.  The helium atoms inside the balloons basically work their way out of the pores in the latex balloon.  Since they are smaller than air, they work their way out faster.

Higher quality balloons (like the one’s we sell) will last longer than a party store balloon.  But even high quality latex balloons can’t beat the physics of it.  The only way to keep a latex balloons filled longer is to use Hi Float. Hi Float treats the inside of the balloon with a special gel (a sticky, gel substance) that coats the interior wall and creates a barrier.  The barrier closes these pores and reduces helium leakage.  With proper use of Hi Float, balloons can float a week or longer.